To complement our therapies we offer you classes and practices to support your rehabilitation and prevent issues, build function and strength, restore health and wellbeing, Our classes are accessible and provide a huge range of options to suit every kind of body for everybody.

Our East meets West approach with therapy is followed into the classes /practices environment. We take a modern approach to teaching with modern systems such as Functional Strength, Suspension Training (TRX) or Strength Training (kettlebells/weights) being offered alongside Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. All the time maintaining a deep respect for these practices and traditions that support you as part of your rehab programme.  


A regular movement practice enables you to function better for longer in everyday life with the best possible quality of life. Our classes help support you with; injury recovery and prevention, building strength, increasing functionality and enhancing performance. The meditation and breathing aspects of the practices we teach bring a sense of calm, help shift chronic stress patterns and create greater self-awareness.

 Open 7 days per week.

Over 40 classes per week across 2 Studios.

A flexible system of booking to meet modern lifestyles.

Unique, training and rehab systems designed with over 30 years experience.

Teachers trained by world class leaders in their respective fields.

Options for monthly memberships based on number of classes / practices. Drop in rates available.

View our class schedule which will take you to our sister company, akarmalife timetable for booking.


Yoga &


Are the fastest growing practises in the world. Most yoga classes include breathing techniques, postures and relaxation but the amount of effort and focus varies greatly. Vinyasa styles require more stamina and strength. Body and breath sensing styles allow more time to get into postures and for adaptations. Restorative styles are deeply relaxing and meditation connects you to your innate sense of wellbeing.


We offer 7 styles; Hatha, iRest, Restorative, Yin (which moves towards the more meditative and "relaxing"), Pregnancy or the more dynamic Vinyasa, Ashtanga Led and Ashtanga MySore practices as well as monthly meditation group meet ups.



Functional Strength highlights the areas in your body that you either have lost access to or don't know how to access. The system opens the gateways to a smooth transition of power and loading through the Muscular Skeletal System as a structure. Allowing more effective recruitment in order to perform functional movements that most of us have lost, including our ability to squat, stand, lunge, bend, rotate or curl as we should be able too.


The class works as a standalone, as part of rehab programme or strips back practices such as Pilates and Yoga to search out for imbalances. Allowing you to refine and really connect to where your body has got 'lost' either on a physical or neurological level. To imagine just using body weight or resistance bands is easy has surprised many a person attending this class.

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Release, Rehab, 

Based on our own experience and over 20 years training/teaching experience working with students and clients. This mainly mat based programme works with your skin, superficial cellular matrix, myofascial release, neuromuscular stimulation, joint articulations and mobilisations, all increasing proprioception thereby reducing the risk of re-injury.

We utilise a number of pieces of equipment that are commonly used but often ineffectively. We teach you the latest knowledge, research and techniques from our experience, working with bodies in locomotion and bio-dynamically to release postural patterns and behaviours.

This is THE underpinning class and practice for anyone, from any modality working through injury recovery, rehab and prevention.




Joseph Pilates created the Pilates method (Controlology) for rehabilitation purposes. Today many people who seek Pilates are recovering from injury, often related to lifestyles or physical activity. However it's equally as beneficial to active individuals to help enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. 


Pilates is designed to capitalise on the bodies natural balance through a series of controlled movements. Focusing on the deep muscles of the torso; abdomen, pelvis, scapula and spine, Pilates promotes better posture and balance. It builds core strength and stability while restoring the natural curves of the spine, bringing awareness of how your body works, how it moves and how it feels (proprioception). 


Suspension Training

Suspension Training (SRX) is the next stage on from Strength.

What has been lost and then we have given you access to, we then strengthen further. Thought a sit up was a sit up? Thought you loaded the thigh in a squat or that a burpee was just a burpee..?

Our students quickly realise this isn't the case and it takes the Strength aspects into further controlled movement offsetting Supported Resistance Exercise against an unsupported baseline further improving upon your Functional Strength patterns.



We offer 1-2-1 or small group (for up 4 ppl) private sessions in everything that is delivered from akarmalife studios. 

These can be to look at or review:


Technique, structure or posture. 


Analyse movement patterns, locomotion, dynamics or function.

Specific health requirements, including special populations, Pregnancy.

Those coming back to training, including Postnatal.

Injury Rehab
and Strength Training.

Targeted weight loss programmes.

Specific goals such as 5k through to Ultra Marathons.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi
and Chi Kung

Mainly practiced for its health benefits rather than a martial art, Tai Chi is a moving meditation that helps to improve balance, coordination, breathing and concentration.


The practice originated in China as a way of moving back towards the suppleness of a child the older we get. It is the No.1 practice for reducing falls in older populations and Chi Kung along with yoga, breathing techniques are the oldest systems of learning how to breathe correctly.

If you think it's just for the older generation please try it, no matter on fitness levels this is a fascinating challenging practice.




There are many benefits to using weights for strength training but only if used correctly with posture, alignment, recruitment patterns all being set to optimal as well as the purpose or goal being correctly identified. Many students come to us who have been or are; gym or class goers, runners, weekend warriors, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, team players and have used a gym to "strengthen" an already dysfunctional structure. We seek to correct dysfunction through teaching and training in functional movement, supported by SRX and then strengthen using Weight/Strength Training.


It can be used as a standalone for assistance with weight loss and has many positive health & wellbeing benefits.


and Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to dive further into your practice or explore something new.

We offer weekend workshops in all of our movement and mind modalities to compliment our classes and therapies.

We also offer short courses to get you started or to revisit some of the foundations of the practice.

We offer 4-6 week Beginners/Introduction courses in Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and Pilates.

Visit for further details of our upcoming courses and workshops