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The MAT Clinic team are a unique, skilled and knowledgeable set of professionals who share a wealth of experience across an integrated and linked approach to services and treatments. For more information or to book an appointment with any of our therapists contact
Stuart McCabe | Olena Baker | Steph Hammond | Lynnette Moodey | Lucia Kostunova
Kirsty Needham | Amy Nicholas | Jo Miller | Natalie Hickman

Stuart McCabe

Bodyworker | Sports Massage | Yoga Teacher | Tai Chi Teacher | Chi Kung Teacher | Pilates Teacher | Advanced PT | Sports Nutritionist | BioMechanics

Stuart is the founder and owner of The Movement and Therapy Clinic, running this alongside his partner Olena Baker.


Welcome to the MAT Clinic, if you would like to know a bit about my journey you can go to this is the studio I founded and where the classes and practises that support the work we do at the MAT Clinic operate from.

You can book into these classes or view the Live Timetable here


Everything I have done up to now has led me to this point and everyone I have met has influenced my thinking in some way; whether that is in training, treating, business or personally. Every modality and skill I have learned along the 31 years I have spent on this journey, I bring to you in my therapies integrated into my bodywork approach and also @ the MAT Clinic. I have been fortunate to work with world leaders in every field mentioned above with a list too long to mention but cumulating in my latest studies in anatomy with prosections and dissections at Kings College London, Nottingham University and the University of St. Andrews.

Being injured in my youth as much as I was has actually been a gift, from gymnastics to boxing, bodybuilding to martial arts, there is opportunity in everything if you know where to look. It has kept me driving forwards, seeking out the best to work with and train with, along with new research and approaches. The MAT Clinic is a unique integrated approach to healing, body and mind and dare I say it, soul. Everyone who is on our team has come to us through opportunity and choice, not chance.

Having trained many former students up to teach and work alongside me only for them to outstrip my knowledge in each of their unique areas has been a privilege to watch and be part of. Meeting my partner has been a journey through many challenges and taken my own teaching down new paths I could not have imagined. More than any others, Olena Baker, Steph Hammond, Lynnette Moodey and  Melanie Collins  are the people, teachers and therapists who have influenced the process of getting to where we are now, the MAT Clinic. Success breeds success and each of them have worked tirelessly to bring you the opportunity the MAT Clinic offers.

We are committed, enthusiastic and involved in all we deliver, some of it can be painful at times, but breaking new ground always is. Doing nothing is never an option, we are here to keep you moving forwards, we are 'Therapy in Motion'.

Stuart can be contacted on


Olena Baker

Trauma Release Exercises | iRest Meditation | Soul Midwifery | Yoga Teacher | Shamanic Practices

In 2011, Olena found herself in Dharamsala, India on a yoga teacher training programme. A believer in life guiding you to where you need to be, she now teaches full time with a special interest in trauma, mental wellbeing (Trauma and iRest Therapy) and end of life care (Soul Midwifery). Her aim is to enable people to discover their innate capacity to heal and to experience greater peace and resilience no matter what circumstances life presents. 

On beginning her yoga journey, Olena says, “I started experimenting with meditation in my late teens and went to my first yoga class at an Iyengar studio in Canada in 1993. I felt out of my comfort zone and stuck with it for only a few months. It wasn’t an immediate love affair with the practice I’ll admit, and over the years I tried several different styles of yoga. However, yoga creates a sense of ease in my body mind and that was the reason I kept coming back. Now it’s my life.”

Experiencing and learning through your personal challenges is the greatest teacher. Olena explores this through the mind-body practices of ashtanga vinyasa and gentle yoga, pranayama and yoga nidra meditation. It was a running accident in 2012 that left Olena with a permanent brain injury. The Western approach only led so far and she was left with the, "this is as good as it gets" and no further help is available mentality. This led her to further explore the practise of yoga nidra, and her teacher James Reeves, as a means of dealing with the emotional turmoil that a traumatic brain injury left and brings. Very much a blessing in disguise, she credits this life-changing event with her passion to spread the joy of this simple, yet profound method of self-inquiry and healing.

Committed to personal and professional development Olena has attended workshops, trainings and retreats with specialist teachers, including iRest yoga nidra founder and non-dualistic scholar Richard Miller, anatomy and fascia experts Gary Carter, Thomas Meyers and Jill Miller and international ashtanga teachers Lucy Crawford, David Swenson and David Garrigues. Before taking time off to have a baby she also taught on Yoga London’s 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training programmes.

Along her path Olena has spent 20 years of her life studying end of life care which led her into training in Soul Midwifery. Olena says, "Using all I have learnt along with the training of Soul Midwifery has given me the rare opportunity to support and transition people who are terminally ill, it is a mixed blessing but something I am immensely proud and humbled to be able to do and offer.

Olena can be contacted on


Steph Hammond

Sports Massage | DTM | Swedish Massage | Pilates Teacher | Strength Training Special Populations | BioMechanics | Pre/Post-Natal | Posture Clinic | Self Myofascial Release

Steph was introduced to Pilates almost 20 years ago after a serious back injury left her in severe pain. More than 7 years ago, after being inspired by the training and very different approach she found working with Stuart McCabe, she decided to turn her passion into a career. First she trained as a Fitness Instructor, but with a goal in mind, to inspire and help people to change their lives and overcome adversity.
Teaching Pilates was always part of that plan. After completing her Fitness Instructor journey, she enrolled on her Pilates Matwork teacher training with STOTT®️ Pilates in London in 2017. She has since added to that knowledge by studying Injuries & Special Populations, Pre and Postnatal exercise and Fascial Movement. In 2021 she will be adding further to this knowledge with her Reformer teacher training with STOTT. 

Steph is fascinated by the body. The way it moves, connects and how Pilates and Strength training can support injury recovery, dysfunctions, the ageing process and postural issues within the body. It was a natural step for her into manual therapy, training first in Swedish Massage and then in Sports Massage with Sports Therapy UK.

Steph brings all of the above understanding to her massage treatments. She offers a deep, soothing, relaxing, restorative approach with an attention to setting of atmosphere and environment to bring about the most benefit to the body.

Additionally Steph has also studied Self Myofascial Release with Jill Miller on her Roll Model Method Practitioner training in London and Intrinsic Biomechanics with Rachel France at the North London School of Sports Massage. All of which feed into what she offers here at the clinic.

Steph will be bringing manual Myofascial Release to her massage offering in early 2021.


Steph can be contacted on

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Jo Miller

Swedish Massage | Aromatherapy | Hot Stone Therapy | Pregnancy Massage 
| DTM | Indian Head

Jo is a Registered Nurse Practioner with 22 years experience, qualifying with a BCs Honours in Adult Nursing, she is also a Nursery Nurse and in 2016 qualified as a Masseur Therapist. Since then Jo has been doing continued CPD. She brings a unique approach to her work and to MAT Clinic offering; Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head and DTM. Jo says, "I use an intuitive approach utilising all my clinical experience as a Nurse practioner along with my understanding of the bodies natural abilities to heal itself into my therapies. Creating a unique environment that allows me to hone in on an individual's needs. Those who have benefitted from my work are pregnant women to athletes, those in Chronic pain, suffering from Anxiety, depression, disturbed sleeping patterns, migraines or those simply looking for overall wellness and relaxation".

"To become part of the MAT Clinic and be working with such unique, experienced Team offering supportive, linked up services along with everything akarmalife offers with regards their practises is an amazing opportunity. Everyone here supports one another and everyone supports all those we treat. There is such a sense of community and belonging whilst remaining client focused, it is an amazing place and space."


Jo can be contacted on

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Lynnette Moodey

Acupuncture | Tui Na Massage (Acupressure) Master Therapist |
Tai Chi Teacher | Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Teacher | Yin Yoga Teacher

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is now a way of life for Lynnette, everything she teaches and all the therapies she offers stem from this ancient tradition of healing helping people to improve their quality of life. She is a Tai chi/ Qi gong / Yin yoga instructor and a Tui Na (Chinese massage) master therapist.  

Her journey started when she became very ill with a chronic neurological disease. She started to look for an alternative medicine to help reduce her pain. Having tried Tai Chi very briefly in her twenties, she decided to go back to it. Tai Chi, along with a change of lifestyle, helped her to completely heal herself. Her love, belief and interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine blossomed. She started her studies 2012. Lynnette has a ‘yin’ like quality to her teaching and therapeutic approach, sharing her knowledge in the belief that it does and will make a difference to peoples lives. 

 Tui Na massage is an ancient Chinese healing art dating back thousands of years. Lynnette studied her foundation diploma in 2015, followed by her masters. She spends many hours massaging people and never gets tired of the fantastic reaction she gets from her patients when they first experience Tui Na. This has led her onto Acupuncture, Gua Sha, Fascia Release, further Tai Chi and Chi Kung Studies as well as many other CPD qualifications.

A chance meeting back in 2012 at a completely unrelated event was when she first met Stuart McCabe. From then until now he has been her teacher. "To bring together a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to healing the body and be able to support that process working alongside Stuart and the rest of the MAT Clinic team is such a unique opportunity. It was a chance conversation in a car with Stuart whilst we were on our way back from a training course as he was explaining where he wanted to take his integrated therapy approach that inspired the MAT Clinic. I believe in what we have created and am so excited about the potential of this approach going forwards".

Lynnette runs 2 Chinese Medicine Clinics, 1 in Ampthill out of the MAT Clinic @ akarmalife and the other is in Dunstable. 


Lynnette can be contacted on

Lucia Kostunova

Soft Tissue Therapist  | Manipulations | Sports Massage

Lucia originally trained as an Osteopath from 2008 and qualified in 2013, alongside this she trained as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2010. Her study and CPD is extensive, Cranial Osteopathy, Paediatric Osteopathy, Dynamic Musculoskeletal Stabilisation, Balanced Ligamentous Tension Upper and Lower body and more. As her training has developed and adapted she has moved much more into the soft tissue side of Therapy. Apart from the above, she has a Batchelors Degree in Accountancy,  speaks 3 languages fluently and managed to take 2 years off to have a baby. 


Working as a soft tissue therapist she will be offering clients, personalised, tailored treatments to meet the needs of each individual, using soft tissue techniques, gentle joint mobilisation, and some advanced techniques to positively affect musculoskeletal system and overall health.


Lucia says, "for me, exercise such as Pilates or Yoga is absolutely essential to the maintenance of overall health. The opportunity and ability to cross-refer clients under 1 roof across the breadth of modalities offered at MAT Clinic in association with akarmalife, with experienced teachers and other therapists, is massively exciting. Working together as one team, we can achieve fantastic results for our clients. “


Lucia can be contacted on

Natalie Hickman

Sports Massage | DTM | Swedish Massage | Pregnancy Massage | Pilates Teacher | Pre/Post-Natal | Posture Clinic |

"Suffering with or being in pain is not an option when there are so many other avenues available to explore".


Natalie's interest started in the field of biomechanics, alignment and movement therapy but has continually deepened. A never-ending passion and energy to learn innovative ideas and concepts to develop and further her knowledge and application to improve functionality, helping people learn how to live and move more freely.


To Natalie, Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help strengthen the body and improve functional movement. It is an invaluable tool to assist during rehabilitation and proved itself crucial for her core before the birth of her children but especially after the births with her core rehabilitation. It assisted her recovery and gave her an even greater understanding enabling her to actively support those during pregnancy, the post natal period and though injury rehabilitation. 


Natalie has taught both in the UK and in The Netherlands and has a passion for women’s health and wellbeing such as pre/post natal and breast cancer rehabilitation as well as athletic conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Natalie teaches at akarmalife, working alongside the MAT Clinic, whilst also running her own company Hix Pilates.


Natalie can be contacted on

Kirsty Needham

Life Coach | Creative Therapist | Reiki Master

A devotional, creative visionary, Kirsty offers client-centred sessions to unlock your individual potential. Her sessionsgive you an experience of your soul;to guide and release emotional, physical and spiritual blocks. Kirsty comes from a rich background in holistic training, in both the UK and Australia. She launched Onewomancottage in 2013 as a space for you to come and explore your purpose, discover what holds you back and restore the balance for a fulfilled and happy life. Kirsty guides people to shift out of their stories and belief systems to take back their power in order to reach their fullest potential.


The sessions involve life long strategies and coaching processes for you to grow, thrive, heal and move forwards from the patterns that keep you stuck. These tools and techniques lead to a deeper level of understanding and healing within. Kirsty works from a client-centred approach, tailoring therapy sessions specific to what you need. 


Renowned for feminine leadership, devotion and spiritual service, through all of her creations, Kirsty encourages people to spend more time with their soul, mastering the idea that we can live a life with ease and abundance financially, spiritually and emotionally.


Kirsty's wisdom stems from ancient healing traditions from deep in Siberia in northern Asia, the land where the word "shaman" originates. The presence she holds and the truth she speaks are a testament to the inner and outer frontiers she has ventured beyond.


Kirsty offers 1:1 Programs, Life Coaching, Creative Therapy, Reiki healing sessions, group workshops, and Trance Dance.

Kirsty can be contacted on

Amy Nicholas - BSc (Hons) DipHyp


Following my University studies in Business Management I worked for many years as a Practice Manager at a therapy clinic. It was here that I first met a Hypnotherapist that was to have a huge impact upon my life. Having suffered for many years with anxiety I decided to give Hypnotherapy a go and found it to be life-changing. This positive experience inspired me to train as a Hypnotherapist myself. Before this, like most people, I thought Hypnotherapy was about making people cluck like a chicken on a stage! I couldn’t have been more wrong".

Since completing my Hypnotherapy training at the Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy in 2012  ​I been able to help and support many different areas of peoples lives. These have included;

 - OCD

 - Managing stress.

 - Working and overcoming anxiety

 - Conception

 - Differing physical and emotion blocks that manifest physically

 - Preparation for birth

 - Overcome Phobias - fear of needles, dentists, driving and much more… 

Seeing someone overcome their fear, freeing another from the claws of anxiety or helping someone through the darkest time of their life is so utterly rewarding and I am so grateful to be able to call this my vocation. Having the opportunity to work with and @ The MAT Clinic as part of the integrated Therapy team utilising all the linked up services that together we offer is an exciting time and I look forwards to what we can achieve together.

I have also gone on to explore Hypnobirthing having personally experienced two unpleasant childbirths. Training in two different methods, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and based on scientific research I used the tools and techniques for the birth of my third child and it was such a different experience. I felt in control, empowered and I managed the whole labour with no pain relief. To date the tools and techniques have me helped to help 21 sets of parents to prepare for the birth of their children with equally as positive outcomes. Most recently I have started offering post-birth sessions to help parents through those first few months of parenthood, which can be a tough and lonely time.

 As well as face-to-face sessions I create personalised audio download that are very popular and clients have found them to be very effective in helping a range of issues. They can be used alongside sessions or independently. 


Amy can be contacted on

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