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Pathways for health, injury and rehabilitation, mental and physical wellbeing.

Below you will find details of some of the therapies and practices that we offer. We believe in a 3 appointment approach. If a therapist or therapy has not helped instigate change by the 3rd appointment we will recommend you change it or we will onward refer you to another therapy, even if that is outside of our clinic. Our approach is very different to many clinics that will ask you for 6 to 12 sessions to instigate that change. We are invested in you from the start, to help you get better, feel relief from pain and support recovery. For some this will be a long road that takes many months, however the 3 appointment rule still applies, has served us well and is something we have found time and again to be true.

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& Tui Na (TCM)

From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Tui Na is a form of bodywork (sometimes referred to as acupressure) that is documented as over 3000 years old. It works by identifying patterns of disharmony through the body that affects our organs and hormones, the therapist then stimulating meridian points along the body to promote healing and bring about balance or what the Chinese refer to as balancing the harmonies. The massage is done fully clothed, depending upon the area worked on, the therapist may ask you to lift or reveal certain aspects of the skin should they also be using cupping techniques or Gua Sha, scrapping techniques. Acupuncture is used as a kind of, "Tui Na on steriods", it is a much deeper approach but not for everyone hence the opportunity to experience either or both. With Acupuncture there is also moxibustion among other techniques used.  


The perfect complement to this therapy is the practice of Chi Kung, Tai Chi or Yin Yoga as they are all based upon TCM.

Osteopath at Work


Using Osteopathic techniques we can mobilise all joints of the body, a lot of work centres on the spine and pelvis simply because there are more joints and major muscle attachments that anywhere else in the body. Some could argue the foot, head or jaw have more but we are talking about global muscles that create what we term, "gross", movement.

We look at all areas of the body and manipulate to again create space where compression often occurs. This in turn releases the musculature that can go into spasm to support a structure that is out of alignment. Imagine the guy ropes on a sailing boat with the mast being pulled hard on, the ropes on the opposing side would be under a great deal of stress or tension. In order to hold this position for long periods muscles have to, "lock down" hard to hold that out of alignment position, which is felt as muscle spasm and knots which in turn is experienced as pain. Releasing the mast (spine) back to a neutral position offers the body the ability to release this unnecessary tension and relieve the nervous system of undue stress.

The complimenting practices we often refer into are the same for Bodywork; Release, Rehab, Mobilise, Functional Strength, Strength/Weight Training and Pilates

Running Shoes

Gait Analysis

Locomotion is the act of getting from one place to another and gait is the means of achieving this action specified by the nature and goal of the task or how do you get from A to B, how and why do you load the body and with what cadence or stride pattern. We look at stride length, foot contact, propulsion, body structure, arm to leg relationship, ankles through to shoulder.

Where the Posture Clinic looks at static structures Gait Analysis is the BioMechanics of your movement pattern and where it can be improved to be optimal. This can reduce injury occurence and re-occurence, assist and speed up recovery (in conjunction with Sports Therapy, Bodywork or Manipulations).

The practices that best support this are; Pilates, Yoga and Release, Rehab, Mobilise.

Reiki Treatment


A number of practioners have studied and use Reiki to support the work they do or as a standalone treatment. Those that use it swear by it, those that recieve it love it. Its something to be tried and explored for yourself. We offer it simply because it is enjoyed and appreciated by so many. Reiki helps with relaxation which allows the space for the bodies natural healing processes to take place. It is a calming and soothing experience and can help with those that feel blocked emotionally or physically, support relief from chronic pain, as well as anxiety and depression making it a go too tool for Fibromyalgia suffers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or those with fatigue.

Hot Stone Massage


Massage serves a whole host of benefits and is becoming the go to therapy for all therapists from Osteopaths to Chiropractors and Physiotherapists let alone as the standalone therapies they are. Each once serves a different purpose, some use oil, some don't, some are clothed and some are in underwear. The choice is yours below depending upon what you are looking for

We offer a complete range of Massage therapies from Western to Eastern; 

Aromatherapy Massage

Chinese Massage (Tui Na)

Deep Tissue Massage 

Fascia Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Indian Head Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Sports Massage

Swedish Massage

We can advise practices that support any of the above but as a rule of thumb, TCM is Chi Kung/Tai Chi and the others would be supported by Pilates, Yoga and/or Meditation.

Child Physiotherapy

Sports Therapy

Using Sports Massage, Exercise Prescription, Physiotherapy, Kinetic Taping, Sports Taping, Biomechanics & Manipulations.

It may appear that this is the same as Bodywork or even Manipulations but we are looking at and working with you to bring about the change that you require to perform optimally in the sport/s of your choice.

Working with individuals in their disciplines such as cycling, swimming, runners, athletes, triathletes, Weight lifters, bodybuilders and everything in between to those that enjoy their team sports such as cricket, football, rugby, volleyball, hockey etc. For us it does not matter the level you compete at whether that is professionally or as a pastime, we are here to help you achieve your goals and increase your winning performance or find that edge. There is a lot that can be achieved to assist you in performing better and optimally and this is where Sports Therapy makes that difference that you have been looking for.

The complimenting practices we often refer into are the same for Bodywork and Manipulations; Release, Rehab, Mobilise, Functional Strength, Strength/Weight Training and Pilates.

Happy Woman

Trauma Release

TRE® is a set of stress releasing exercises, based upon years of observation on how we deal with stress and trauma. It replicates the bodies natural response to releasing built up stress and tension after a traumatic or stressful event by inducing neurogenic tremors. This process retrains the body to naturally disperse tension providing a way for the nervous system to recalibrate. This in turn returns you to a more relaxed and calm state, enabling you to meet the challenges that life presents but with additional resilience.

TRE is helpful for anyone, and is particularly supportive for people healing from trauma, chronic stress, anxiety and dis-regulation of the autonomic nervous system.



Bodywork is a study of patterns and relationships, based upon the work and understanding of over 30 years of movement, study and exploration. There are parts of your body doing work they perhaps shouldn't be, creating patterns of dysfunction and thereby pain. We seek to restore balance using a variety of techniques from:

Range of Movement testing 
Sports Massage
Neuro Muscular Techniques (NMT's)
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques (PNF's) Fascia Restoration
Muscular Releases and Strengthening work.

The treatment can be performed fully clothed or in underwear depending upon the techniques used and whether a massage medium is required. Your permission will always be asked for. We meet the need of the client and their privacy hence we operate under most guises with direction from you.

The complimenting practices we often refer into are; Release, Rehab, Mobilise, Functional Strength, Strength/Weight Training and Pilates.

Physical Therapy

Posture Clinic

Poor posture can be related to a whole host of issues that create patterns, habits and lead into a pain cycle. To have your posture analysed may seem like simply standing tall but it is much more. Arches of the feet, knee positions, pelvic hitch, torsion in the rib cage, elevated or protracted shoulder; there is a long list of what we look at from both sitting and standing. We use Release, Rehab, Mobilise techniques, BioMechanics and spasm releases to bring you back to a place of homeostasis, note we don't say straight. It is about bring you to a place with maximum function for what you do for a job, sport or lifestyle.

The practices that best support this are; Pilates, Yoga and Release, Rehab, Mobilise.

Couple Meditating

iRest Anxiety/PTSD

iRest® meditation gives you the tools to soothe your nervous system, bringing a sense of calm and wellbeing. Restoring the body and mind to its natural state of wholeness enables you to meet life's ups and downs with greater ease. iRest® is an evidence-based meditation practice that people often use to help increase happiness, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression; improve sleep, increase energy, strengthen resilience to deal with day-to-day life and heal trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 1-1 sessions dyads are used to facilitate deep self-enquiry, enabling you to meet unresolved issues in a safe, constructive space without the need to share or vocalise the experience if you do not want too.

The complimenting practices are; Yoga, iRest and Meditation.