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Musculoskeletal issues, injury, pain, reduced mobility, sub-optimal function or looking for a performance edge are a few of the many reason you might be considering The MAT Clinic. Our team of skilled professionals offer a range of highly-focused therapies and training that are tailored to you. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Please note that we have a cancellation policy in place and that you are liable for a late cancel fee with less that 24 hours notice. This and all fees are payable to your Therapist/PT.

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Physical Therapy Session


Injuries happen. Whether through participating in leisure activities, professional sport or just moving about in everyday life. Our aim is to get your back on your feet, reduce pain and increase strength and mobility so you can get back to doing what you love.

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Muscle imbalances, alignment and tension patterns, wear and tear and participating in sport and exercise means everyone gets injured at some point (or many points!). We use detailed history and observation along with Kinetic, Kinematic, Biomechanical and Peripheral Nervous System tests to gain a better understanding of the likely causes of your injury and how to approach it. From there we direct you through your tailored treatment pathway so you gain the most beneficial and quickest outcome.


Tailored, hands-on soft tissue therapy using massage, neuromuscular techniques and osteopathic manipulations.


Using a rigorous 52-point scale, we identify biomechanical features that are specific to your body. Individualised exercises are prescribed for realignment and improved movement function.


From a pre-exercise evaluation, health related physical fitness testing and interpretation we plan a unique programme of corrective exercises that is specific to your individuals needs. You are re-evaluated at regular intervals to refine, adapt and progress your programming, working towards better movement patterns and function.


This is a training method which supports performance and movement efficiency in both life and sporting activity. It is a meticulous training method focusing on helping you be stronger athlete overall whilst developing areas that need more support to recover from or prevent injury.


Using kinesiology tape to stabilise joint and muscle tissue. You can experience both physiological and psychological benefits including reducing injury recurrence, reducing strain on injured area and enhancing confidence in general movement or sporting activity.


Exercise on prescription for conditions ranging from cardiac rehab to back pain to mental health.



Personal Training is a carefully planned, goal-orientated programme that is individual to your physiology and anatomy. Your Trainer or Coach uses assessments and goal setting to inform your training and works with you to improve your efficiency and technique.

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Train with purpose and more efficiency. Performance coaching uses multiple modalities to tailor a training programme around your sport or fitness activity, focusing on helping you be a stronger athlete overall whilst developing sport specific skills. We use baseline testing and goal setting to keep you on track.  Gain an advantage over your opponent or for your personal best.


This area of personal training helps you be a healthier, fitter version of yourself. We have dedicated trainers that have experienced their own body transformation alongside an extensive history of training others. The benefit of body transformation goes beyond the physical look. It will create physiological changes that support your overall health in the long term.


This is a training method which supports performance and movement efficiency in both life and sporting activity. It is a meticulous training method focusing on helping you be stronger athlete overall whilst developing areas that need more support to recover from or prevent injury.


Personal Training encompasses a wide range of training modalities. Supporting you to gain confidence in your ability and understanding of exercise selection as you work towards your goals. Also helpful when you need someone to keep you motivated and on track.


Baseline testing incorporates a range of tests to provide us with the essential information to create your individual, specific programme. It can include height, body fat %, weight, basal metabolic rate, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, biomechanics, aerobic fitness, muscular strength, balance, and body composition. It is a detailed way of tracking your progress over time, allowing your PT or coach to fine tune your programme.


Nutrition is a detailed assessment of calorie intake and eating habits. Whether to support weight loss or muscle gain, you have the opportunity to include this essential element. Creating a wholistic programme means you can reach your goals faster.

Spa Massage


Therapies are used as a standalone treatment and as part of our holistic, pathway approach to your health and fitness. Below you will find the body work therapies we currently offer.  Get in touch and we can recommend the most appropriate therapy to meet your needs.

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Tailored, hands-on soft tissue therapy using massage, neuromuscular techniques, cupping and osteopathic manipulations.


Deep tissue is a supportive treatment that delivers a host of benefits and most often used for general muscle tension. This treatment is done on bare skin and uses oil or lotion. Movements  such as gliding, pulling and kneading are applied to alleviate tension in your muscles. The benefits include, stress relief, reduction in pain, break up of scar tissue and increased range of movement.


Sports Massage is a great way to support your pre-event preparation, post event recovery, injury recovery and to identify areas of increased muscle tone and tension. Providing you with the best opportunity in your sporting endeavours, it is recognised as part of a gold standard recovery process. This treatment is done on bare skin and uses oil or lotion. The treatment promotes blood flow to the muscles, increases flexibility and reduces the effects of fatigue to enhance your performance and your ability to recover.


A more gentle approach to tension relief, it uses the movements of Swedish massage to address tension in muscles and bring about a state of relaxation. Oil based, it is done on bare skin and the therapist uses their hands, fingers and thumbs, forearms and elbows to apply pulling, stretching, kneading, rolling and gliding techniques. Great for relieving your stress induced tension and a treat for a special occasion or as part of a monthly self-care practice.


This type of massage involves manual manipulation of specific area of your body to stimulate the lymph vessels under the skin. This is thought to improve the drainage of lymph fluid, reduce swelling and aid the removal of waste products from stagnant areas of your body.


We offer several body work therapies from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Tai Na, Gua Sha, acupressure and cupping.

Tui Na is a deep tissue massage done over clothing and follows meridians, or energy lines, applying techniques to muscles and soft tissue, acupressure points and joints. It is invigorating and relaxing at the same time and works on a physiological and emotional level to restore balance. Wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement.

Gua Sha uses a smooth edge tool to scrape the skin, increasing blood flow to the tissue.


Sometimes called Myotherapy, it is a technique that can be used alongside other soft tissue therapy or as the main focus of your session. Working on tight, injured or fatigued tissue it helps re-align and relax muscles and trigger point areas. Due to its light nature and application it works especially well on areas of heightened sensitivity.


Using fine needles to stimulate the nerves in muscles to produce pain relieving endorphins and improve tissue function.

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